The mechanic recreated was the rocket jump, popularized in FPS' like Quake, TF2, and Halo.

A & D /  <  &  > : Movement

Left Mouse Click : Shoot rocket

AuthorParadise Tyrants
Made withUnity


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Really cool concept i like it, quite well executed :) 

sometimes it is a bit hard to control/predict what will happen and where I will move, also the quit button at the center cause me a few times to accidently quite, maybe an are you sure dialog would have been good.

Great entry, looking forward to where you take this concept :)

Collisions need work, make the camera show more instead of making it showing where you going to shoot make it the opisate, to hard explosion that moves the player, would be good if you could jump other wise alrgiht

and i got through the wall haha

It really needs feedback on the explosion radius.